HELP - Leaving a Comment/Opinion


I received lots of e-mails from people who couldn't leave a comment in my blog - once some of the parts are not translated in English - neither in other language.
So, if you want to leave a comment or you opinion after reading any of the posts here are the instructions:

* Right after each post you read you find a little link "Like" for Facebook.
* Under it you find: "Posted by *Nay*
* Next to it there is the time I posted it and "xx comment" - the double x is the number of comments people already left for me.
* Click in this link "xx comment"
* Below of all the comments you find a white box where you can write anything you wish.
* And, below this white box you will find some options of how to public your comment. You need to pick one of the options. Pick "Nome/URL" - leave you name and as a URL if you don't have a blog or website you can just put my blog address:
* Finally, you click "Publicar"

and that is it. Your comment won't appear right away because I prefer to read and reply to you before it appears on my blog :)

Thank you so much for coming and also for leaving a comment or your opinion!!!

Have a good one.


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Muito Obrigada pelo Carinho!!!
Volte Sempre!!!
Thanks for coming!! :)